Massage Therapy

All treatments include a FREE salt scrub.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage that reduces stress and muscle fatigue which also improves circulation throughout the body.

½ Hour Treatment: $50 1 Hour Treatment: $85
1½ Hour Treatment: $130 ½ Hour Reflexology: $40
Pregnancy Massage: $85 Couple Massage: $160

Neuromuscular Therapy

More intense than a Swedish massage, this treatment is ideal for relieving the stress-tension-pain syndrome and returns neurological integrity & balance.

1 Hour Treatment: $95

Myofascial Therapy

Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion.

1 Hour Treatment: $95

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your life. It releases tension deep in the body to relieve pain, dysfunction and improves whole-body health and performance.

1 Hour Treatment: $95

Hot Stone Therapy

Melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

1 Hour Treatment: $95

Sea Salt Body Scrub

An excellent treatment for the skin-the largest organ of the body. Sea salt mixed with essential oils, aromatherapy and body wash are massaged over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin.

½ Hour Treatment: $35


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